Did you know that the Charles Bridge is the largest open-air gallery in the world?

More than 70 figures in 30 sculptures can be found on the Charles Bridge. 

❓ Did you know that Saint John of Nepomuk, the statue of whom is the most famous statue on Charles Bridge and has been replicated over 60,000 times around the world, did not actually live the life of a saint.

❓Or that Saint Wenceslaus, known from the carol "Good King Wenceslas," has three depictions on the bridge

❓But it's not just the saints that have fascinating stories about them. The Turk sculpture on the Prague Bridge, which guards Christian captives, is ironically the most popular statue for domestic visitors.

❓Find out why and understand the meaning behind the proverb "He stood there like a Turk on the (Prague) Bridge".

Discover these fascinating facts and more in our smartphone-friendly guide.

Charles Bridge, the iconic structure of Prague, which has been on the UNESCO list for more than thirty years, is not only the most famous building in Central Europe, but also the largest outdoor gallery with more than 30 sculptures and 70 different figures. Our guide is designed to help you avoid feeling overwhelmed and instead make an informed decision about which sculptures to see and why they're important.

As you stroll along the bridge, you'll find that most of the statues are those of saints who can serve as intercessors in specific situations in life. Our guide provides information on which saints to turn to for help in finding lost items, happy marriages, safe travels, hopeless situations and many more.
Our guide is designed for reading on a smartphone screen and includes audio commentaries for added convenience. Interactive links make navigation a breeze, and underlined text links lead to different sections of the guide, including lists of sculptures, statues, sculptors, and donors.


✦ Comprehensive guide to the sculptures of Charles Bridge.
Fascinating stories behind the Baroque sculptures and their creators.
Lives of the saints and what they are patron saints of.
User-friendly design for easy navigation on smartphones .
Audio commentary for each sculpture.
More than 130 stunning pictures.

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