Mozart & Prague

Guess where Mozart penned and premiered his best opera?


Wanna find out where Mozart lived, jammed, and partied when he was in Prague?

Curious about the spots where the Oscar-winning Amadeus was filmed?

Discover Prague Like Never Before!

Dive deep into the enchanting world of Prague with our exclusive audio-visual guide. Why settle for ordinary when you can experience the extraordinary?

Let the very streets where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart once strolled come alive, serenading you with his iconic melodies.

🎵 15 Handpicked Locations! Each site, rich in history and charm, is paired with a musical piece that encapsulates its essence. From quiet alleys to grand halls, let Mozart's genius guide your steps.

🎧 Premium GOLD Edition! Enjoy the luxury of an audio narration. Simply plug in, play, and let the city's tales unfold before your very eyes.

📱 User-Friendly Interface! With photographs and intuitive maps tailored for mobile viewing, navigating Prague becomes a breeze.  

💙 Spot our signature Blue Stars on the map for insider tips on hidden gems or culinary delights awaiting your discovery.

🎬 Exclusive Cinematic Experience! Trace the iconic locations featured in Miloš Forman's Oscar-winning masterpiece, Amadeus, offering a cinematic layer to your tour.

🌟 Meet The Icons! True to Mateo Guides tradition, we acquaint you with the notable figures that grace our stories, enriching your experience.

Change the Way You See Prague.
Let Mozart's timeless symphonies be the soundtrack to your exploration. Immerse yourself, experience the magic, and fall in love with Prague all over again.

🎼 Grab our guide and let Prague's heartbeats sync with the rhythm of Mozart's masterpieces! 🎼  

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