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300 amazing photos

🎧 101 audio comments
🎵 15 music tracks


100 medallions of rulers, saints, builders and artists


Step into the future with our cutting-edge audio-visual guides❗️

🎵 Over 101 audio comments and music tracks *)

🎥 More than 300 amazing photos that also show hidden or inaccessible treasures

🎗️ Medallions of over 50 personalities including rulers, saints, artists or builders.

🔷 Sleek and modern design, optimised for easy access on your smartphone screen.

Our guidebook is unlike any other you have seen before. It is filled not only with facts, but also with stories of the rulers, saints, artists and builders who shaped the places you'll visit. We've included descriptions of selected works of art, along with breathtaking photographs.

But that's not all! We've also designed our guidebook with a sleek and modern visual style that's easy to navigate, including on your smartphone screen. And the best part?
Each attraction comes with an audio commentary (Gold and Blue Edition) that will make you feel like you're walking through history with a knowledgeable friend. In the section following in the footsteps of Mozart, each place is also accompanied by music tracks.

In this guide you can learn there, for example:

❗️What treasures are hidden in Prague Castle, the largest inhabited castle complex in the world?

❗️What is the most famous statue of the Charles Bridge, the largest and most beautiful open-air sculpture gallery in the world? And that a replica of this statue can be found in more than 60,000 copies all over the world and that Saint John of Nepomuk, whom it represents, did not live a typical life of a saint.

❗️That the most popular attraction of the Old Town Square the Prague Astronomical Clock is the world's oldest still operational clock.

❗️Where did Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart compose and then perform his most famous opera? Or where was the famous Oscar-winning movie Amadeus filmed in Prague? Did you know that Charles Bridge is the largest and certainly the most beautiful open-air gallery in the world?

❓And did you know that the Prague Astronomical Clock at the Old Town Square is the world's oldest still operational clock?

❓Did you know that Vladislav Hall, located in the Old Royal Palace, was one of the largest secular vaulted spaces in Europe?

Find out all this